Lava Falls Bounce House With Dry Slide or Water Slide Combo


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Product Information:

🌋 Unleash the Adventure with the Lava Falls Bounce House With Dry Slide or Water Slide Combo! 🌋

Get ready to experience a volcanic eruption of fun with our Lava Falls Bounce House Combo! Whether you choose the dry slide or water slide option, this inflatable combo is designed to bring a lava flow of excitement right to your backyard!

🌟 Features That'll Ignite the Fun! 🌟

  • 🌊 Water Slide Option: Slide down a cascade of excitement into a splash pool for a refreshing adventure!
  • 🏰 Bounce House: Jump, bounce, and play in our spacious bounce house, where the fun is as endless as a lava flow!
  • 🌋 Dry Slide Option: Not a fan of water? No problem! Our dry slide offers a thrilling ride down the volcanic slope!
  • 🎨 Volcanic Theme: Feel the thrill of a volcanic adventure with our eye-catching lava-themed design!

🛠️ Add-Ons to Fuel the Excitement! 🛠️

  • 🔌 Power Outlet: If you're more than 100ft from an outlet, no worries! Click the accessory add-on below to rent a generator.
  • 🚿 Water Hose: We supply up to 100 feet of hose for the water slide option. Need more? Just click the accessory add-on below!

🏆 Why Lava Falls Combo is a Blast! 🏆

  • 🎉 Versatile Entertainment: Perfect for birthdays, community events, and any occasion that calls for a burst of volcanic fun!
  • 🌟 Safety First: Each unit is meticulously cleaned, sanitized, and inspected to ensure a safe, thrilling experience!
  • 🙌 Hassle-Free Setup: We handle all the setup details, so you can focus on enjoying the volcanic adventure!

📱 Ready to Erupt with Fun? 📱

Don't wait! Book the Lava Falls Bounce House With Dry Slide or Water Slide Combo today and let the volcanic festivities begin! 🌋💦

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  • 50ft Waterhose

    Keep the fun flowing with our extra water hose rental, perfect for situations where your water connection is more than 100 ft away from your waterslide setup. We understand that not every venue has a conveniently located water source, so we offer this additional hose to ensure your waterslide stays wet and wild throughout your event. We already supply up to 100 ft of water hose with every rental, but if you need more, we've got you covered. Our extra water hose is durable and easy to connect, ensuring a hassle-free setup. Don't let distance dampen your fun – add this water hose to your waterslide rental and let the good times slide!

  • Predator 4550 Watt Inverter Generator

    Power up your event with our reliable generator rental service, perfect for locations where a power outlet is not within 100 ft of the blower motor placement. Our generator is essential for powering your inflatable rentals, ensuring uninterrupted fun for your guests. We provide the first tank of gas, so you can start your event without a hitch. If your event extends beyond a day, or if you need additional fuel, you're responsible for refueling the generator. Don't have a gas can? No problem! We offer gas can rentals to make refueling convenient for you. Our generator rental service is designed to provide a seamless experience, ensuring that your inflatables stay powered up and your event goes off without a hitch. Trust Shindig Inflatable Rentals to keep the fun going, no matter where your event takes place!

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